Where Can You Find Which Transmission Oil to Use?


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Different transmission oil brands and types are available at both Amazon.com and AutoZone.com. Apart from outlining the use of each type of transmission oil, the sites also share reviews from previous clients to help a would-be buyer to make an informed decision.

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Some popular transmission fluids are Castrol/Transmax high mileage automatic transmission fluid, Mobil 55221 3309 Automatic Transmission Fluid, Royal Purple/1 qt. Max ATF automatic transmission fluid and Pentosin/Transmission Fluid.

AutoZone.com and Amazon.com give features of each type of transmission oil, including performance and anti-wear properties. This kind of product description can help a customer choose which transmission oil to use. Some of the oils are for specific vehicles and functions. For example, Valvoline/1 gallon high mileage Dex/Merc automatic transmission fluid is designed for longer drivability.

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