Where Can You Find Trailers for Sale by Owners?

can-trailers-sale-owners Credit: Benjamin Rondel / Design Pics/First Light/Getty Images

eBay, TruckPaper and Trailer Shopper are three websites where private sellers list trailers, trucks and other workplace machinery and vehicles for sale through various listing services searchable by users. These sites let buyers search by keywords, models, makes and other criteria in order to narrow down the field and find the trailers and equipment that suits their needs.

TruckPaper is a listing service that sorts its sellers by area. This allows buyers to find listings in their vicinity so that they do not have to contend with the difficulties of transporting a trailer over long distances. It also allows users to consult descriptions of the trailers provided by their sellers, who are usually their direct owners rather than a dealership.

Trailer Shopper runs on commission, meaning that it takes a small portion out of the sales revenues of the independent sellers who list their trailers on its website. This lets buyers and sellers connect directly without agency interference or other restrictive corporate practices or quotas.

eBay is an online auction site where independent sellers can post their trailers and other equipment and buyers can bid on it or, if the seller gives the option, buy directly for a fixed price. The service leaves shipping and transport details to the buyer and seller.