How Can You Tow a Fifth-Wheel Trailer?


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To tow a fifth-wheel trailer, find a truck that is large enough to safely control the trailer and an appropriate hitch. Hook up the trailer to the hitch, making sure it is fully connected and locked in place. When you drive, avoid sudden or jerky movements, and give yourself extra braking time and turning distance to prevent accidents.

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The size of truck and specific type of hitch you need varies depending on the size of the trailer. Many trailers can be pulled by a half-ton pickup truck, but a three-quarter-ton truck often gives better control and may be necessary for heavier trailers. A long bed is better for most situations to give plenty of room for the hitch. If you choose a short-bed truck, consider a sliding hitch so you can adjust the way the trailer rides.

Fifth-wheel trailers need a wide turning radius because the trailer wheels cut to the inside of the truck tires. In some tighter turns, such as into small parking lots, there may not be enough room for the trailer to turn without going over the curb. In that case, drive even more slowly than usual to avoid damaging your wheels.

When driving in traffic, leave extra space between yourself and the cars ahead of you. In some cases, it may be easier to drive more slowly than the prevailing traffic and simply let other drivers pass you. Always make sure your trailer brakes are connected and working correctly.

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