Where Can I Find a Tire Size Chart?


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Tire size charts can be found on websites specializing in tire sales and information, such as Tire Size Conversion, TireSizesChart.com, TireRack.com, CariD and Discount Tires. Tire sites typically have a calculator allowing users to convert tire sizes from metric to inches, as shown on Tire Size Conversion.

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Where Can I Find a Tire Size Chart?
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Tire size charts show users the diameter of tires that fit on their vehicles based on its wheel size. Size charts show the overall diameter of each tire, and allow users to adjust for sidewall measurements. Users are able to find tires for specific vehicles by entering make and model information, according to Tire Size Conversion.

In addition to a size chart, TireSizesChart.com provides detailed information on tires and how to choose the right size. It teaches users to read the numbers and letters on tires and know what they mean. TireRacks.com offers a chart for light truck tire sizes.

CariD also informs users how to read the information on the actual tire. Additionally, this company provides information on performance parts, lights, audio, and interior and exterior features. Users may also purchase tires and parts from CariD.

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