Where Can Three-Month Car Leases Be Found?


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Short-term car leases for periods of two months or longer can be arranged through national car rental agencies such as Avis and Hertz. These programs offer a full range of vehicles at thousands of locations across the United States, according to their websites.

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A monthly car rental, also called a short-term lease or mini lease, is an alternative to long-term leases for those who only need a car for a few months. This is a less expensive option than renting per day and offers more flexibility than a long-term lease, notes Avis.

A few national car rental agencies offer short-term lease options. The Hertz multimonth program is a monthly car rental service available at over 2,500 neighborhood locations in the United States. The program has no long-term commitments and no mileage restrictions, according to Hertz. Hertz even offers the option to switch vehicles if necessary. Avis also offers a mini-lease service for rentals over two months. In addition to the wide selection of vehicles, Avis also offers 24-hour roadside assistance and frequent traveler points for each month of the rental, notes Avis.

To rent a car by the month with either Hertz or Avis, make the arrangement online at the company?s website, by phone or in person, explains each company's website. Alternatively, consider investigating local car dealerships to find out whether any offer a monthly car lease for their loaner vehicles, such as Toyota's rent-a-car program, suggests Toyota.

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