How Can You Tell What Year a Particular Yamaha Motorcycle Was Made?


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Yamaha uses year code letter designations to enable you to identify a particular motorcycle's year of manufacture. Check the letter at the end of the motorcycle's model name to identify the year. Yamaha provides a VIN decoder to help you identify the year of manufacture.

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Year code letter designations are available in the owner's manual upon buying a new motorcycle and also on the repair manuals. The year of manufacture is also found on stickers on the motorcycle for identification purposes. The model name is usually written beginning with the company's name followed by the model number, ending with a letter at the end that indicates the year of manufacture. Therefore, if you have a 2014 Yamaha EYZ120E, the letter "E" at the end indicates that it is a 2014 model.

Yamaha gives each motorcycle a year a code based on the alphabetical arrangement of letters. It implies than a type B model is older than a type D model. However, the company skips some letters of the alphabet. It is important to note that the model year does not necessarily denote the year of manufacture as some models may be marketed and sold long after their date of manufacture.

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