How Can You Tell If Your Driver's License Has Been Suspended or Revoked?


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Each state's Department of Motor Vehicles or similar organization offers drivers the ability to search for any existing marks against her licence, including suspensions or revocations, through its website. Drivers can also call or visit a local office to place inquiries.

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How Can You Tell If Your Driver's License Has Been Suspended or Revoked?
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Several governmental departments have the power to revoke a driver's licence, including the DMV, the Secretary of State and the Department of Revenue. While each state contains specific laws regarding what actions can result in a suspension, most center around a consistent history of driving violations. For example, if a driver receives a large number of infractions against her driving record due to violating traffic laws, carries an extensive number of tickets or fails to pay any affiliated fees, her license can be revoked. Some states can also revoke a driver's licence as a penalty for missing a court date or failing to pay child support.

In order to reinstate a driver's licence, a driver must complete the state's necessary requirements, which typically include paying a reinstatement fee and filing special paperwork with both the state government and her insurance company. Some states also require the driver to take online or in-person training courses based on the reason for the suspension.

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