How Can You Tell the Difference Between Fake and Genuine Mercedes Benz Parts?

All genuine Mercedes-Benz parts are distinguishable from fake parts by their trademarked logo of a three-pointed star in a ring, a hologram and a 10-digit part number. Only original parts are sold in the original packaging and come with the brand’s worldwide guarantee. According to Mercedes-Benz, only its own genuine parts are crafted to painstaking standards for the utmost in vehicle performance, safety and style. To locate genuine parts, use the Mercedes-Benz USA locations tool at

As opposed to counterfeit Mercedes-Benz parts, genuine certified parts are subject to rigorous testing. All genuine parts are also covered for up to four years by the brand’s Parts Limited Warranty. Manufacturer-made parts are attuned to the functionality of the vehicle and help the owner save in long-term upkeep, as they are of much higher quality than fake aftermarket counterparts. Mercedes-Benz manufactures replacement parts for all of its fleet of vehicles in the categories of filters (oil, air and fuel), windshield wipers, collision parts and services, glass, heating and air conditioning, brakes, engine and exhaust, tires and exterior lighting.

Mercedes-Benz also sells genuine remanufactured parts for maximum savings with a minimal footprint. These expertly remanufactured parts come at lower prices than the new parts but meet the same standards for reliability and overall quality. The brand recommends this value choice to maintain a vehicle’s performance and reduce its environmental impact.