How Can You Tell If Your Car Has Anti-Lock Brakes?

A person can determine if a vehicle has anti-lock brakes by consulting the vehicle's owner's manual to see information about the car's parts and features or by looking for an "ABS" indicator light on the vehicle's instrument panel when the car is first turned on. Anti-lock brakes are more commonly found in newer vehicles. Some benefits of them are that they are less likely to skid and they can be easier to maintain steering with while braking, helping the driver keep control of the car when braking suddenly.

If the owner has lost the original manual, copies can frequently be found online on various websites, and many car manufacturers sell additional paper copies.If the ABS indicator light comes on at any other time besides when the car is just starting up, AAA notes that this is a sign of a brake problem that should be looked at by a mechanic to ensure the safety of car occupants.

Cars that have anti-lock brake systems could either have four-wheel or rear-wheel-only systems. The difference is that none of the wheels will lock up on four-wheel systems during sudden braking, while the front wheels may still lock up on rear-only systems.