How Can I Stop an Engine Oil Leak at the Valve Cover Gasket?

To stop an engine oil leak at the valve cover gasket, expose the vehicle engine, remove the valve cover and gasket, insert the new gasket, and replace the valve cover. You need the vehicle manual, a wrench, a screwdriver, a mallet, a newspaper and a new gasket.

  1. Expose the engine

    Open the hood, and remove all cables, brackets and other items blocking the engine.

  2. Remove the valve cover

    Use a wrench to remove the valve cover bolts, set them aside, and remove the valve cover. If it does not come away easily, knock it loose with a rubber mallet. Set the cover aside. To reduce the risk of dropping items into the engine, fold a piece of newspaper in half, and lay it over the engine. Lift out and discard the faulty gasket.

  3. Insert the new gasket

    Insert the new gasket. Consult the vehicle manual, and apply silicone or sealer if the manufacturer recommends it. Do not apply either product unless instructed to do so.

  4. Replace the valve cover

    Remove the newspaper, and replace the valve cover. Tighten the bolts according to the torque recommendation in the vehicle manual. Replace the components you removed to expose the engine, and close the hood.