How Can You Start a Car With a Flathead Screwdriver?

To start a car with a flathead screwdriver, run a wire between the positive battery terminal and the coil wire, insert the screwdriver between the steering wheel and the column, push past the locking pin, and lay the screwdriver shaft over the wires beneath it. This 10-minute procedure requires gloves, screwdriver with an insulated handle, a flashlight and a short wire.

  1. Expose the battery

    Put on insulated safety gloves, open the vehicle hood, locate the battery, and locate the red coil wire. The coil wire is always very close to the battery.

  2. Connect the battery to the coil wire

    Connect one end of a short wire to the positive battery terminal, and attach the other end to the coil wire.

  3. Expose the solenoid

    Sit in the driver's seat. Put the tip of the screwdriver on top of the steering column, and wedge it between the column and the steering wheel. Press down firmly to disengage the locking pin, and pull down on the steering wheel to expose the solenoid. Examine it, and locate the short solenoid wire near the top. Also locate the positive battery wire underneath it.

  4. Connect the wires

    Position the screwdriver shaft so that it touches the solenoid wire and the battery wire simultaneously. This starts the engine.