Where Can You Find a Standard Torque Chart for Threaded Bolts?


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The Engineer's Handbook project provides a standard torque chart for threaded bolts on its website, as of 2015. TorqueSpec.com also has an interactive torque-specification database by automobile model.

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From the homepage of the Engineer's Handbook website, the torque chart can be found by clicking on the References Tables tab and selecting Fasteners, then Bolt Torques. When the Standard Steel Bolt Torques option is highlighted, the standard dry torque values appear in foot-pounds.

From TorqueSpec.com's homepage, the torque chart can be found by selecting the Torque Specifications link, choosing either the Engine Torque Specifications or the Model Torque Specification link, and following the prompts to pull up a list of torques for the related bolts. Torque measurements appear in foot-pounds, inch-pounds and Newton meters.

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