Where Can You Find Specifications for Ford F-150 Computer Codes?


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Specifications for Ford F-150 computer codes are available at Ford150.net, which provides a full listing of Ford F-150 OBD-II computer codes and their descriptions. For example, the computer code P0743 specifies that the Ford F-150's torque converter clutch system has an electrical failure.

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In addition to the standard OBD-II computer codes for Ford F-150s, FordF150.net offers newer codes that were implemented with 1999 and newer Ford F-150 trucks.

A scanner device is first used to obtain Ford F-150 computer codes. If a computer trouble code appears, the vehicle needs maintenance based on the number of the code. Types of computer trouble code descriptions for the F-150 include insufficient EGR flow, leak in evaporative system, vehicle speed sensor faults and transmission system problems.

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