How Can You Find Specials on Kia Used Cars?

How Can You Find Specials on Kia Used Cars?

Specials on Kia used cars can be found by going to the Kia certified pre-owned website and clicking on the "Special Offers" link under the "Shopping tools" tab. While many independent dealerships can run their own specials without Kia's knowledge, Kia runs a program that certifies used vehicles through participating dealerships.

Use the following steps to find specials on Kia used vehicles.

  1. Go to the Kia Certified Pre-Owned website
  2. Open up the website in a working web browser.

  3. Hover over the "Shopping Tools" tab
  4. Use the cursor to hover over the tab on the top menu entitled "Shopping Tools."

  5. Click on the "Kia Certified Pre-Owned Special Offers" link
  6. Finally, click on the special offers link to get a list of specials for used Kia vehicles.