How Can Someone Create a Bill of Sale for Free?


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A free bill of sale can be easily created with a computer word processor. The document should clearly state the date of sale, the seller's name, the buyer's name, and a list consisting of the details of the sale. The grand total of the selling amount should be added at the bottom of the document.

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In addition to creating a bill of sale with a word processor, there are also user-friendly templates and tutorials available online that help to create a more professional touch. Bill of sale templates can be downloaded to the user's computer or filled out directly on the template sites.

A bill of sale serves as a binding agreement confirming the transfer of ownership of personal property. Bills of sale have been utilized for many years for personal property sales that include homes, cars, and animals. It's also a suitable record of the specific sale. Bills of sale are also considered suitable receipts for tax purposes. Depending on the property being sold, certain states require certain bills of sale to be notarized. Notarizing a bill of sale is always a good idea, as a notarized copy ensures a licensed notary witnessed the signing of the bill and the sale is considered valid.

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