Where Can Someone Buy Care License Plates?


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Specialty Care License plates are issued by each state's Department of Motor Vehicles to replace the standard plates that a car, truck, motorcycle or RV was given when registered. Each state's makes their own policy regarding license plates and their renewal, but normally the process is very straightforward.

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Most states also can issue personalized and vanity plates that support state issues, are environmentally made without decals or graphics, advertise a specific organization like Care in North Carolina, or a local fire fighters union in Washington, D.C., or spell out a specific combination of numbers and letters.

Policies vary on how to apply for specialized plates, Washington, D.C., requires that an individual visit a physical office, California lets owners complete the process by mail and North Carolina offers online ordering through the state DMV website.

The fees for these plates are also different depending on the state. As of 2015, Care plates in North Carolina are $30 and another $30 to personalize. In Washington, D.C., personalized plates can cost as much as $100 or higher. Be aware that not all types of plates are available for each kind of vehicle or size of the plate. To qualify, DMVs require that the owner provide proof of ownership, an application and that the desired specialty plates isn't already being used.

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