How Can You Find a Service Technician to Repair a Brake Booster?


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Use a website such as RepairPal.com to find a service technician to repair a brake booster. Repair Pal offers an estimate that includes both labor and parts, and its certified mechanics guarantee that, unless other problems are found during repair, the job will be within that estimate. If it is not, Repair Pal refunds the difference.

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The brake booster is a vacuum-assisted system, and its main job is to make the brake easier to push. Without it, pushing the brake pedal is met with unexpected resistance, and the car is more difficult to stop. The brake booster is located in the engine compartment under the vehicle's hood, behind the brake master cylinder.

Signs of a faulty brake booster include difficulty stopping the vehicle and a rough idle. A hiss may be heard when the brake pedal is deployed. Since it is a vacuum-assisted system, the loss of the vacuum may impact other systems that rely on it, such as cruise control, ventilation, air conditioning and heating. The check engine light may deploy, and a code of P0171 or P0174 may show.

To repair a brake booster, first remove and replace the booster. Check the brake fluid for both quality and quantity, and observe the brake system for leaks. Inspect the master brake cylinder for any damage. If needed, drain the brake fluid system, and replace the fluid.

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