Where Can You Find the Serial Numbers on Ford Engines?

Depending on the specific model, you can find the serial number of a Ford engine on a tag under the coil attaching bolts, the dipstick attaching bolts, the heat indicator bulb, the carburetor attaching stud or the ignition coil bolt. The serial number helps you learn more about the engine.

The location of the serial number tag indicates the engine model. For example, the manufacturer places serial numbers for 360, 330 and 391 engines under the indicator bulb, while the location of the serial number for 352 engines is under the dipstick tube and the numbers for 401, 477 and 533 engines is under the carburetor stud.

Ford engine serial numbers provide detailed information about the engine. The first three numbers indicate the displacement capacity. The single letter following the displacement digits indicates the plant that built the engine. The next two numbers show the year of manufacture, and the hyphenated letter indicates the month of manufacture. The last three numbers are unique to that particular type of engine. You can use it to find more information about the specifications of your engine.