How Can You Sell a Used Vehicle?

An owner interested in selling her used vehicle can do so by creating a listing on a local or national classifieds site as well as on an auction site, such as eBay Motors. Ads should contain all the relevant information about the car's make, model and condition along with pictures.

The first step an owner needs to take when selling her used vehicle is to gather as much information about it as possible. By creating a list of details, such as the cars exact make and model, its year of manufacture, its mileage, its special features and its condition, the seller can create an honest and thorough listing that is attractive to potential buyers. In particular, the car's condition should be represented as accurately as possible, as a buyer eventually gets to see the car in person if she is serious about purchasing it.

Sellers should also take many clear pictures of the car to include in the posting, as attractive pictures help to entice buyers. The car should be professionally washed and detailed before the pictures are taken to give it the best look possible. Dirty or unkempt cars give buyers the impression that the car is not well maintained and may have mechanical issues.