Where Can You Sell a Used Tow Truck?


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You can sell used tow trucks online through specialty trucking classifieds sites such as Commercial Truck Trader and Truck Paper, as well as through general classifieds sites such as Craigslist. Internet auction sites are also frequently used to sell used tow trucks.

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Where Can You Sell a Used Tow Truck?
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Listings on Truck Paper are conducted in a traditional auction method, which means that you set a starting price and an auction period during which time users bid on the tow truck. At the end of the auction the user with the highest bid purchases the tow truck for that price.

While it also offers this method, eBay allows you to place a "Buy It Now" price on items as well. In this method, buyers are able to bypass the auction experience completely and pay a one-time price to purchase the tow truck. Buyers also have the ability to make offers to purchase the truck at a lower price. As the seller, you have the option to reject the offer if you feel it is too low.

For Craigslist and Commercial Truck Trader, you create an ad that contains pictures and a description of the truck and one selling price. Potential buyers then contact with you with any inquiries or offers on the truck.

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