How Can You Sell Used Tow Dollies?


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Used tow dollies can be sold on a number of online auction or seller sights such as Trailer Shopper. Trailer Shopper is a community that allows users to both buy and sell used trailers.

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A tow dolly is a type of trailer that is used to tow a damaged or immobile vehicle. The trailer consists of a rack that holds two wheels of a vehicle. The powered wheels from a vehicle are placed on the wheel rack while the other two wheels remain on the road and spin freely, effectively allowing the trailer to tow any vehicle that still has two working wheels. In the United States, tow dollies are legal in all states as long as they have a braking mechanism.

One easy way to sell a used tow dolly is through an online auction or buyer/seller site. One such site, Trailer Shopper, allows users to place trailer adds in a public database that other users can search through. The trailer ads typically consist of a description of the trailer, several pictures to confirm the trailer's condition, and an asking price. If an individual wants to buy the used tow dolly, the buyer and seller set up a transaction through the website and find a way for the buyer to get the dolly.

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