How Can You Sell a Used Car?

How Can You Sell a Used Car?

To sell a used car, advertise the vehicle through online classifieds, local newspapers or word of mouth. You can also use one of many online car marketplaces to sell your vehicle, but such websites may take a cut of the price as a fee.

  1. Determine where and how to list the car

    Choose a general classified site or a website that's solely for selling vehicles. You can also try basic sales techniques, such as putting a sign on your vehicle or advertising through the local paper. Let your family, friends and acquaintances know you have a car for sale to start word-of-mouth advertising.

  2. Have all the facts ready

    Store all the basic facts about your vehicle in your memory, including the car's mileage, make, model and overall condition. Have all service records and other valuable information handy as well, since some buyers may wish to see this information before purchasing.

  3. Find out what your car is worth

    Be honest about your car's value, as overpricing your vehicle might deter potential buyers. The value of a car is generally based on the car's age, make, model and condition. To determine the value of your car, use online resources, such as the Kelley Blue Book website.