Where Can You Sell Used Auto Parts?

You can sell used auto parts at a number of online venues, including PartingOut.com and Pick-n-Pull. In addition, you can also use eBay.com or Craigslist.org to host ads, or go to local dealers in used auto parts.

PartingOut.com specializes as a venue for the buying and selling of used auto parts. All negotiations on the site are between users, with the site merely serving as a marketplace for buyer and seller to meet.

Ebay and Craigslist also serve as busy marketplaces for used auto parts. These are generalist sites that do not focus on the sale of auto parts as PartingOut.com does.

The Pick-n-Pull website serves as a portal that facilitates the sale of whole used cars to Schnitzer Steel Industries, Inc. The company then breaks down the used cars for their parts. Owners must bring cars to a local Pick-n-Pull location, typically by driving them, although in the case of non-functional cars Pick-n-Pull may arrange for towing.

Finally, local salvage yards often buy used auto parts directly from private sellers. Selling to salvage yards is often the most efficient way to earn money from used parts, but they may refuse parts from certain makes or models.