Where Can You Sell a Pre-Owned Chevy S-10?


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The simplest place to sell a used Chevy S-10 or other used vehicle is to use them as a trade when buying a new car, but other options are for the owner to sell the truck himself. Consignment lots are a third option for owners.

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Before beginning the auto trading process, owners should know the market for the truck they currently own, because some are more difficult to sell than others. Owners who need the money from an existing vehicle quickly benefit from a trade, especially if the model they own moves slowly in the local area.

Owners who decide to sell the truck through a private sale are responsible for advertising and marketing the vehicle. This includes any cleaning and detailing work the vehicle requires. Online want-ads provide a good way to draw the interest of buyers. Once someone shows interest in the vehicle, the owner is responsible for arranging the test drive. If the person becomes the buyer, the owner collects the funds from him, verifies they available from him and signs over the vehicle title.

A third option is selling the vehicle on consignment. The consignment shop usually charges a percentage of the transaction. However, they are often able to ask a higher dealer price than the buyer is likely to pay a private party, covering part of the consignment cost.

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