Where Can You Sell Older Used RVs?


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Older used RVs can be sold on sites such as Craigslist, eBay and RV Trader. The latter site is dedicated solely to the sale of RVs and is an excellent place to reach RV buyers.

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On Craigslist and eBay, sellers create their own listing for their RV and add keywords such as "old RV, "used RV" and "selling nice pre-owned RV" to the description so that potential buyers can find the ad when searching the site for RVs. On RV Trader, the seller will simply need to fill out the information such as the type of RV, the manufacturer of the RV, the model of the RV and the year of the make. It is also advisable to include photos with both listings.

It can also be helpful to include some of the basic accessories with the RV listing to entice buyers to purchase. For example, a basic first aid kit or basic trailer equipment would be a big help for first-time RV owners. Some sellers will include cooking items that were specifically designed for the RV as well as technological gadgets. As long as the seller is not intending to buy another RV, then it can be wise to part with these items and help the next owner.

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