Where Can You Sell a Custom Van?


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Vehicles can be sold through classified websites, auctions or at dealerships. Classifieds allow the seller to make the most profit from the vehicle, but auctions and dealerships reach larger audiences.

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Some classified websites allow a car owner to list their specific model to local areas for free, while others may request a small fee. The advertisement can list all of the vehicle's features, its history and location. Classified advertising fees will vary depending on the type of medium being used and can be up to 10 percent of the van's cost.

Local and online auctions allow the user to post the vehicle at a reserve and have the bidders fight among themselves over the price. Although a vehicle can surpass its suggested retail value, it can also be sold at a lesser price. Sellers who are going to auction their vehicles should take note of the probability of earning less profit.

Another way to sell a custom van is to trade it in at a dealership. Although the van can be quickly sold, dealerships will generally pay significantly less than what the vehicle is actually worth. The van can also be traded in for credit towards the purchase of a newer vehicle. Trade-ins are worth more credit than what a dealership will payout and is the suggested route when dealing with these places.

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