Where Can You Find a Seating Chart for the Airbus A380?


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Seating charts for Airbus A380s exist online at SeatGuru, as of April 2015. Different airlines use custom A380s to better fit their needs; for instance, some A380s have a larger first-class seating section. Airlines based in the United States rarely use A380s, which are in greater use worldwide.

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All Airbus A380s contain at least 300 economy seats, fewer business seats and even fewer first-class seats. The aircraft has around 14 bathrooms and as many or more galleys. Some airlines have A380s with the first-class section on the lower deck. Several of the airlines have seating arrangements with bassinets.

Air France's A380 contains a fourth seating section, premium economy, which has slightly larger seats than economy. The aircraft has 389 economy seats, most of which are on the lower deck; 38 premium economy seats on the upper deck; 80 business seats, which are angled and considerably larger than economy seats; and nine first-class seats, which are almost three times the size of economy seats.

Emirates uses A380s targeted toward business and first-class travelers. The entire upper deck is devoted to these sections, and some of the business sections come with beds. The first-class seats are closed rooms that also have beds. Emirates has two versions of its A380, with the only difference being the number of economy seats.

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