Can You Scrap a Car Without a Title?

In most states, a car can be scrapped without the title, as long as the owner has a valid driver's license and proof he owns the car, such as the car's registration. The information required to scrap a car varies based on the company that is scrapping it.

A title makes it easier to transfer ownership of the car. If the owner doesn't have the title or the car's registration, he should be able to obtain a copy of the registration from his state's motor vehicle department.

If someone who isn't the owner of a car wants to scrap it, he must receive permission from the owner and have the title signed over to him. If a car is abandoned on someone's property, the property owner must contact the police to receive the paperwork for scrapping it.

Scrapping a car is an alternative to selling it. While selling a car typically provides the largest amount of money, cars with significant cosmetic or mechanical defects may not sell. In this case, scrapping the car may be the best option. The value of a scrap car varies depending on several factors, including whether its parts are intact, the vehicle year, the model and the location of the transacation.