Where Can You Find a Schematic Showing How to Reassemble a 4160e Transmission?


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As of 2016, OffRoadTB.com, Scribd.com and ChevyHardcore.com are some of the places having a schematic showing how to reassemble a 4I60E transmission. The schematics show the various parts needed and how to go about the process.

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OffRoadTB.com offers technical documents and how-to projects that cover various systems of vehicle performance. The site discusses various 4160E transmission documents that involve electronic controls, hydraulic schematics, transmission overhaul detail and conversion to manual shift. The transmission overhaul detail explores how to reassemble a 4160E transmission system. This gives a step by step procedure with diagrams and detailed explanation of all parts involved.

Scribd.com provides a vehicle manual for a 4160e transmission overhaul with all the steps presented in diagrams and descriptions. The site shows various transmission parts that are disassembled and then assembled to give a complete look of the transmission block. The procedure here also shows all the tools and materials needed in the process as well as their correct dimensions.

ChevyHardcore.com features a Gearstar GM 4160E based automatic transmission that is capable of harnessing up to 650 horsepower. The set for transmission assemblage comes with a complete performance kit that includes torque converter, fluid cooler and a new pan. The schematic presented on the website provide a clear overview of how the 4160e transmission assembly is done.

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