How Can You Save Money When Getting a Replacement Windshield?

How Can You Save Money When Getting a Replacement Windshield?

Save money on windshield replacement by using a reputable auto glass company and asking about deals and discounts. Get a quote in writing and find out if the auto insurance policy covers windshield damage and repair.

Many windshield types are expensive to replace. When possible, have a chip or crack repaired, as this is much less expensive than having the entire windshield replaced.

Check with the vehicle's dealership or a reputable mechanic to find a shop that guarantees its work. Insurance companies will also make referrals to quality repair shops. After finding a windshield repair shop, ask for discounts or special deals. Many shops offer military or senior discounts.

Take the vehicle in for a chip repair as soon as it occurs, when possible. Chips are less expensive to repair than long cracks. Also, know what special features the windshield has before taking it to the shop. GPS moldings and rain sensors drive up the price of repairs.

Most reputable windshield repair shops can fix a chip for less than $100, so long as the chip does not spread into a long crack. If a windshield repair is needed down the road, find out if the money already invested in chip repair can be deducted from the cost of a windshield replacement.