How can you save on auto glass replacement?


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Save money on auto glass replacement by finding a reputable company and asking for a quote. Be cautious of companies that offer an abnormally low price but add other fees to the repair. In many cases, auto glass companies can actually make repairs rather than replacements, providing significant savings.

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How can you save on auto glass replacement?
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If you do not already have a history with a glass repair shop, ask around for recommendations. Your mechanic, auto dealer or insurance company can often provide referrals. Friends, family and coworkers are other sources of referrals.

Auto glass companies provide free quotes for the work they are going to do. Ask the representative to call you for permission to proceed if there are issues that increase the cost. Experienced companies are normally very accurate with their estimates and rarely go over the stated price; however, some companies offer a low initial price and increase it by several factors so that the vehicle owner eventually pays more than the standard price.

Often it is possible to repair glass instead of replacing it. The key to saving money on repairs is having them done early. Glass damage, such as chips or cracks, can spread due to changes in the weather or driving the vehicle. Choosing to repair the glass makes the damage almost invisible and often saves the driver over $100 as of 2015.

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