Where Can You Find Salvage Parts From Freightliners?


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Used Freightliner parts and salvage Freightliner trucks are available from parts retailers such as RerunTruckParts.com, TruckPaper.com, Trucker.com, CandHTruck.com and eBay.com. Parts are available for a variety of Freightliner makes and models, including extended engine trucks sleeper cabs and custom cabs as well as for a variety of engine configurations.

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As of November 2015, salvage parts are available for trucks manufactured from 1993 through 2015 in a variety of body types and engines. Most salvage truck parts are pulled from trucks that have been involved in collisions or have non-functioning engines or transmissions. Salvage parts include transmission components, turbo chargers, body parts, drivetrain components, and axles and suspension parts.

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