How Can You Salvage a Car?


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Every state has different requirements when it comes to salvaging a car, but there are some commonalities that cross state lines. For instance, in every state, it is a requirement that the owner complete paperwork with a local Department of Motor Vehicles office.

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The paper work to salvage a vehicle differs from state to state, so the owner should talk to a representative of the Department of Motor Vehicles to find out what forms are required. In some states, the only paperwork that is needed is known as a Damage Disclosure Statement that is found on the back of the vehicle's title.

In addition to filling out paperwork, to salvage a vehicle in most states the owner has to show the vehicle's title and the vehicle's proof of registration. In some cases, the junkyard where the vehicle is salvaged also requires this information. The owner also has to relinquish the license plates in order to salvage a vehicle.

When all of the paperwork is complete, most people take their vehicles to a junkyard. There may be certain requirements to meet before this final step can be completed. For instance, the junkyard may have questions about the vehicle, such as whether it is operational and what parts are damaged.

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