Where Can You Find Sales Information on the 356 Porsche?

Where Can You Find Sales Information on the 356 Porsche?

BeverlyHillsCarClub.com has information about the classic Porsche 356, including history, buying tips and an inventory of the cars they have available. ClassicDriver.com, ClassicCars.com and AutoTraderClassics.com offer nationwide and international selections of Porsche 356 models for sale.

The Porsche 356 models were only in production for seven years starting in 1948, although the company manufactured 356A, 356B and 356C models as late as 1965. Of the original cars produced, only about half survive.

As of 2015, the Beverly Hills Car Club has Porsche 356 models for sale in its inventory. Customers can visit the car lot in person or have the car shipped to their location for a fee.

ClassicDriver.com lists Porsche 356 models for sale both in the United States and Europe. The cars are available through auctions and direct sale. The site includes an extensive description of the car, accompanied by pictures. Users can also select multiple cars to compare them side by side on the site.

ClassicCars.com is another site that lists the 356 model of Porsche in its inventory. The site includes descriptions, pictures, asking prices and locations. AutoTraderClassics.com includes similar information and allows customers to filter results by distance and price. The site lists private sellers, dealers and auctions.