How Can You Find RV Dealers in Minnesota?

How Can You Find RV Dealers in Minnesota?

Find recreational vehicle dealers in Minnesota by clicking on a map or choosing a city on the Minnesota RV Dealers web portal. Each city lists websites and descriptions for local sellers.

  1. Pick a city

    Click on a red and black map pin icon to find a dealer in a particular locale. A list of cities is down the left side of the map. Go directly to the city's listing by selecting a city below the map.

  2. View the listing

    After selecting a city, view the listing of the RV dealer. The dealer's name appears in blue to the left of the city name. Below the website link is a short paragraph describing what this particular RV dealer sells.

  3. Click the link

    Choose the link on the city's listing to view an RV dealer's official website. Larger cities may have multiple dealers. Minnesota RV Dealers contains more than 40 dealers in more than 35 cities. The largest concentration of RV dealers in the state surrounds Minneapolis and St. Paul.

  4. Buy an RV

    Review and purchase an RV that fits your needs, whether you like to camp, hike, fish or travel cross-country. Larger dealers have wider selections of recreational vehicles, including pickup tops, camper trailers, 5th wheels and vans up to bus-sized recreational vehicles. Some RV dealers specialize in "ice house" trailers for ice fishing during frigid Minnesota winters.