Can Rubber Tires Be Recycled?


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Emterra recycles rubber tires. These used tires are first separated into fiber, either polyester or nylon, steel and crumb rubber before recycling. Some of the recycled rubber tires products include safety walkways, rubber sidewalks, patio blocks, pad mats and industrial camp sidewalks. Others include rig mats and rubber speed bumps.

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Euroshield manufactures roofing products from recycled rubber tires. Some of its roofing products include Eurolite Shake, Eurolite Slate, EuroSlate and EuroShake. The Eurolite Shake is a high-performance shake-like roofing offered in three colors. It has a panel-type form. Eurolite Slate features open keyways and has an adhesive strip, which makes it thinner and lighter than EuroSlate. EuroSlate has a chiseled-edge form and is highly impact resistant. EuroShake takes a wood-like form.

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