How Can You Get Rid of Scuff Marks on a Black Car?

Scuff marks usually don't inflict any damage to the base paint of a car and are easily removed within minutes. The items needed are car soap, a clean sponge, car detail spray, a clay bar and micro fiber towels.

  1. Wash the car

    Use the car soap and sponge to wash the car. Do this in the shade to prevent water spots.

  2. Spray the detail spray

    Spray the detail spray over the scuff marks, being careful to completely cover the surface of the affected area.

  3. Apply the clay bar to scuff mark

    Place the clay bar on top of the scuff mark and rub back and forth lengthwise, not up and down. Apply more detail spray to keep the area wet. The clay bar can remove the scuffs without damaging the car paint.

  4. Fold the clay bar to expose a clean side

    After using the clay bar, fold it unto itself to reveal a clean section of bar. Dirt and debris on the clay bar can cause scratches on the paint if it's rubbed across the paint.

  5. Finish with the detail spray and micro fiber towel

    Spray the detail spray over the cleaned area, and wipe it clean with a micro fiber towel.