How Can I Reset the Oil Light on My BMW?

Resetting the oil light on most BMWs requires pressing the trip button on the odometer several times to access the reset function. Older model cars might require the user to open the hood, locate the de-diagnostic socket and jump the wires to reset the oil light or the inspection indicator.

The only time a driver should reset the oil light on a BMW is when he or she plans to change the oil at home rather than taking it to a mechanic. The oil light lets the driver know the vehicle requires an oil change, and resetting the light without changing the oil could put the vehicle in danger of breaking down.

Step 1: Turn On the Vehicle

The driver should insert the key in the ignition, then press the trip button while turning the key to the "on" position. This activates the BMW's battery so the driver can make changes to the vehicle's computer, but the driver should not turn on the engine.

Step 2: Reset the Oil Light

After the vehicle is turned on, the instrument panel of the BMW should flash the words "Oil Change" on the instrument panel. Drivers might see the words "Reset" or "Check Oil" instead, depending on the model of the BMW. The driver should release the trip button, then press it again until the word "Reset" begins to blink on the instrument panel. Releasing the trip button and pressing it a third time resets the oil light.