Can You Reset a Double Wide Back up If It Is a 1996?


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There is no age limit on moving or setting up a double-wide mobile home. The home's condition is the determining factor. An expert can inspect and see if the home is structurally sound enough to be taken apart, moved and set back up again.

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Some mobile home moving companies will decline to move older homes as it presents a greater liability for them as the mover. Shop around and find a mover who is not only willing to do the job, but who is known to be reliable and thorough. Be sure to consider that the cost of moving an older home will probably be higher than normal, as extra precautions have to be taken. An older mobile home tends to already have damage to the floors, walls and roof just from years of sitting, so a trip down the highway could cause it to literally fall apart.

A big factor will be how far the home is to be moved. It may survive a 10-mile trip, but sustain significant damage on a 100-mile trip. Check out the inspection laws where the home is being relocated to, and be sure it will pass inspection after the trip.

Some electric companies also have requirements that must be met before they hook up power to an old mobile home. Old and brittle wiring in the house can be damaged during the move and can create fire hazards. Finally, check with the home insurance company to see whether there will be any issues getting the home insured after it is moved.

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