How Can You Reset a Check Engine Light With a Check Engine Code Reader?


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Reset the check engine codes using a scan tool by attaching the tool to the OBD II diagnostic connector, reading and recording the codes, and pressing the erase button. Complete the process a few minutes. In some instances, minor codes do not cause the light to illuminate again.

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  1. Attach the tool to the diagnostic port

    The port is usually located under the steering column near the bottom of the dash. Plug the cord from the scan tool into the port with the key turned to the off position.

  2. Read the codes and write them down

    Turn the key to on, and read the codes. While minor codes are not always reason for concern, engine misfires and similar problems affect fuel economy and increase wear and tear on the engine. Before clearing the codes, record them on paper. Keep the list of codes available, and make the repairs as necessary.

  3. Press the erase button

    After recording each code, press the erase button on the scan tool. Continue the process until all codes are clear. Turn the key to the off position, and remove the plug from the diagnostic port. The next time the engine starts, the check engine light should not illuminate. If the problem is not repaired and the system detects it again, the check engine light illuminates again.

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