How Can You Find the Resale Value of a Truck With Kelley Blue Book?

To find the Kelley Blue Book value of a truck, visit and click on "Check Out My Car's Value," then select the make, model and year of the vehicle and enter the appropriate zip code when prompted. This brings up a new set of questions about the features of the truck and once all the questions have been answered, choosing the overall condition of the vehicle will allow the approximate value of the truck to be displayed.

As an example, with a 1992 Toyota Regular Cab pickup, selects "Toyota" then "Toyota Regular Cab" years 1992 through 1995. On the next screen, click "Select 1995" and either the short bed or DX short bed model. The next screen is the options page where the mileage of the vehicle is entered and the powertrain is chosen. Then, select any options on the truck, including air conditioning, power windows or door locks, and cruise control by clicking on the appropriate boxes.

Once that is complete, move on to the "Choose Price Type" page, to see either the sale value for or how much a dealer might offer for a trade-in. On this page, select if the truck is in excellent, very good, good or fair condition to get a more accurate price estimate for the vehicle.