Where Can You Get Replacement Parts for Truck Engines?

can-replacement-parts-truck-engines Credit: Hero Images/Hero Images/Getty Images

Find replacement parts for truck engines through trucking and automotive repair supply sites, such as 4StateTrucks.com, SandSTrucks.com, AutoPartsWarehouse.com and JCWhitney.com, as of 2015. Auction sites such as eBay.com also sell both new and used replacement truck engine parts, though availability and reliability of the parts may vary.

4StateTrucks.com sells various types of replacement truck parts and maintains a section that exclusively features replacement engine parts, such as flywheel housings and exhaust manifolds. Each entry on the site contains the part's SKU number as well as a picture and brief description of the type of engine with which it is compatible. SandSTrucks.com features an online catalog of all its replacement truck engine parts with options for viewing specific categories of items as well as parts for specific truck brands. Rather than listing each item on its own page, the site features pages for general parts types, such as plugs and valves, and lists the different models it carries there.

AutoPartsWarehouse.com lists its most popular parts categories on the main page and also lists the full inventory of part types within the Engine and Drivetrain section. The site contains dozens of part categories and subcategories, with each individual product receiving its own listing. JCWhitney.com follows a similar model, offering numerous brands and types of replacement truck engine parts throughout its site. Auction site eBay.com contains tools for sorting through listings according to general parts types, as well as limiting listings to only new or used items.