How Can You Replace the Original Decals on Your Motorhome?

How Can You Replace the Original Decals on Your Motorhome?

The original decals on a motorhome are made from vinyl, and the replacement procedure requires the old pieces to be removed by heat or witha rotary tool.Once removed, new stickers can be laid in place. Motorhome owners have the option to do this work themselves or can opt to have an RV graphics specialist complete the service.

When decals are left too long on a RV, they are usually exposed to bad weather, environmental debris and bugs. Over time, these stickers tear and fade, leaving the motorhome looking less appealing. These following steps explain how to properly replace a motorhome decal.

  1. Choose the removal tool
  2. There are two types of preferred tools required when removing a sticker decal. One is a rotary wheel tool, and the other is a heat gun. The rotary tool is easier to manage, while a heat gun can allow a quick and clean removal.

  3. Use the tool on the decal
  4. For a rotary wheel, turn it on and press down on the decal. As the wheel spins, it will remove the decal from the body. When using a heat gun, apply it evenly over the decal. Do not use too much heat because it can damage the paint surface. Once the sticker is warm enough, it can be peeled off.

  5. Lay on the new decal
  6. Once the old decal is completely removed, place the new decal on the body of the RV.