How Can You Replace a Fuel Tank Door?

In order to replace a fuel tank door, remove the pins holding the hinges, loosen the assembly and replace the unit. It is recommended to apply masking tape around the outside of the door to help protect against scratches while working. Install the new door, then align, hinge and tighten everything place.

Gas cap doors rarely become damaged. However, when they do, the door will not close properly and may rattle. The door may also scratch the paint, while failing to look aesthetically pleasing. Replacing the latch door is a fairly simple process on most vehicles.

  1. Open the hatch
  2. If the hatch needs to be unlocked, go into the cabin of the vehicle and pull on the latch. Skip this step if the cover can be pulled open.

  3. Release the hinge
  4. Inspect the hinge and see how it is held in place. The type of hinge used on the vehicle depends on its make and model. Some require the pins to be pried off, while others may require the screws to be loosened. Once released, pull off the cover.

  5. Install the new cover
  6. Mount and install the new cover. Make sure it is properly aligned with the vehicle so that it shuts properly, and then tighten it in place.