How Can You Replace a Cabin Filter?


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To replace a cabin filter, remove the glove box, open the cabin filter access panel and remove the old filter. Some vehicles may not require the removal of the glove box. The filter access panel may be found under the dash on the passenger side of the vehicle.

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The cabin filter’s access panel is normally held in place by tabs on either side of the panel. Depress the tabs and remove the access panel. Once the cabin filter is accessed, observe any directional markings on the old filter and reinstall the new filter accordingly. This ensures proper airflow through the filter. Thoroughly clean the filter housing before installing a new filter. Debris commonly finds its way into the filter housing, and failure to remove this debris can restrict air flow or cause damage to the blower motor.

A clogged cabin filter can reduce airflow from the heater and A/C vents, resulting in poor performance from the vehicle's climate control. Dirty cabin filters can also result in odors caused by mildew. Cabin filters are helpful in removing allergens and odors from the vehicle's cabin. Severely clogged cabin filters can result in an overworked blower motor and damage to the vehicle’s climate control system.

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