Can You Repair Your Jeep Wrangler With Used Parts to Save Money?


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Used parts are significantly cheaper than new parts, so drivers can repair Jeep Wranglers with used parts to lower replacement costs. However, it's important to be cautious, as some types of used parts offer better reliability than others.

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Drivers who want to find their own replacement parts can use online resources such as Car-Parts.com; drivers may be able to find local options as well to reduce shipping costs. Local scrap or salvage yards often have parts as well. Since many have databases, it might be worth calling and asking what Jeep Wrangler parts they have in stock.

Some junkyards don't catalog the parts they have in stock, so they often offer the lowest prices available. However, these junkyards require buyers to find their own parts. It's important to research which Jeep Wrangler models use the same parts to avoid buying an incompatible one.

Car parts have varying life spans. Some parts, such as the gears in a manual transmission, often outlive the car they're used in and are generally reasonable to use for replacements. Automatic transmissions, on the other hand, often fail before the vehicle does, so a salvaged part might fail prematurely. As a result, using replacement parts can lead to higher overall costs if the part needs to be replaced soon after it's installed due to labor costs.

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