Where Can You Find a Repair Guide Online to Help You Fix a Leaky Sunroof?

Online repair guides for fixing leaky sunroofs are available at Howcast.com, Instructables.com and FamilyHandyMan.com, as of 2015. These websites provide written and video do-it-yourself sunroof repair instruction guides.

Howcast features a video entitled How to Fix a Leaky Sunroof. The video provides a list of items necessary to make repairs, and it provides the necessary steps to complete repairs and stop leaks. Howcast also provides additional automotive repair instructional videos on how to fix a car horn, how to fix a car window, how to replace a break light and how to check car battery amps.

The Family Handyman provides written instructions that walk users through the repair process, and it provides descriptions of the necessary tools and materials. The Family Handyman also features additional instruction guides that include how to replace a side view mirror and how to diagnose and repair a broken light socket.