Can You Repair a Glove Compartment Latch Yourself?

Can You Repair a Glove Compartment Latch Yourself?

It is possible to repair a glove compartment latch oneself by replacing the compartment's locking mechanism. Glove compartment locking mechanism replacement parts can often be purchased directly from the dealer or from online retail companies such as Pelican Parts.

If a glove compartment is falling open or is completely unable to be latched closed, it means that there is a problem with the compartment's locking mechanism. Use the following steps to replace the latch and fix the compartment.

  1. Purchase a replacement locking mechanism
  2. Either contact the dealer or search through online retailers to locate and purchase a replacement locking mechanism for the specific vehicle make, model and year.

  3. Remove the glove box
  4. Open the glove box and unscrew the screws that hold it up. Carefully lower the compartment out of its housing.

  5. Unscrew and remove the old latch
  6. Unscrew the old latch that was broken or malfunctioning.

  7. Install the replacement locking mechanism
  8. Screw in the new locking latch in the exact same position that the old latch used to be placed. It might be necessary to attach a second part of the locking mechanism onto the glove compartment door.

  9. Screw the glove compartment back in place and close
  10. Screw the glove compartment back into place and close the door to confirm that the new latch works.