How Can You Repair a Front Bumper?


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Repairing a car bumper is a lengthy process, starting with preparing the damaged site and finishing at painting it with the right aerosol paint. Thankfully, the resources to perform this task are easily found at automotive stores, such as aerosol paint and sanding materials for various bumper material types.

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How Can You Repair a Front Bumper?
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First wash the bumper with liquid soap and water and then car degreaser. Rinse until the water runs smoothly over the surface of the bumper. Then, use a carbide burr to remove sharp snags and sand the bumper down with 80 grain sandpaper. Tape down the damage for the next steps with plastic repair reinforcement tape.

Throughout the process, the bumper needs to be sanded. Adhesion promoter, wire mesh, body filler and aerosol flexible bumper sealer all need to be applied, in that order, and sanding is used to prepare the area for the corresponding step. The final sanding process requires painting, sanding and repainting the area until it matches the rest of the bumper.

Applying paint to a bumper does not require a professional spray gun. Aerosol products are available for bumper repair.

Repairing a metal bumper is simpler. First, secure the bumper in a padded vice until it is immobile, then place a block of wood over the bend and hammer the block until the bend is repaired. Then, use a dolly and hammer to knock away any smaller imperfections, wash the bumper and reinstall it.

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