How Can You Repair a Chevrolet Instrument Cluster?

To repair a Chevrolet instrument cluster, start by removing the trim bezel and protective layers. Then remove the needles before performing soldering.

To repair a Chevrolet instrument cluster:

  1. Take out cluster
  2. After removing the trim bezel, take out the screws that are revealed, according to Instructables. Remove the instrument cluster, angling the steering wheel to let it pass if necessary and unplug it at the back.

  3. Take out circuit board
  4. Next, remove the plastic lens using a small tool to pop out each of the tabs. Remove the needles by gently rotating them counterclockwise until they stop. Mark this point with a pen on a piece of tape under the needle. Continue rotating against the resistance for a few more inches, and then lift the needle out. This will let the back case be removed and the circuit board lifted out.

  5. Perform soldering repairs
  6. Use a de-soldering iron and solder bulb to remove the old solder and pop the motors off the board. Replace them with new ones and solder them in place.

  7. Replace cluster
  8. Place the circuit board back in the housing and snap in place. Replace the pins and rotate them clockwise until they rest at the spot marked on the tape. Remove the tape, replace the clear lid and finally re-install the instrument cluster in the dashboard.